All volunteering positions will take place on the night of the party: October 28, 2017 - Saturday night at the MoPOP (formerly EMP Museum)

Volunteering will involve customer service, greeting guests, monitoring rooms of the party. But no heavy lifting :)
It is such an exciting event with all the people and costumes, it's fun to be in the midst of it and interacting with the guests. Every year volunteers always say that they were surprised by what a great time they had. You will see sooo many elaborate and creative costumes. It's a sensory experience!

After your shift, you can enter the party to enjoy the last couple of hours. It's a nice way to volunteer and also experience the event.

If you are interested in volunteering: please click here.
Please include your: 1) full name 2) email address and 3) phone number.

** Important Note: 
All positions will be confirmed via email. If you have NOT received a confirmation, your position is NOT yet valid. Thanks!! (We get so many requests that we have to make this really clear!)

Thank you for your interest!!